5-Steps to Schedule Your Own Success

Does the following dream sound familiar?

You are back at your high school or college.  You are running through a familiar building seeing familiar faces of old friends and asking each one where the exam is being held.  No one seems to know and even if you get directions, you can’t seem to find the room.  As the clock keeps ticking by and the pressure mounts, you realize you are going to miss the exam…and you haven’t even studied!

Although I am not an interpreter of dreams, I have a theory about what your subconscious might be trying to tell you: you need to get back “on schedule.”  

You were once scheduled for success.

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You don’t have to be rich to be a philanthropist

You don’t have to be rich to be a philanthropist.

Today it seems most top athletes or famous people immediately set up either a charity or foundation as soon as they have reached the top.  Whether this is due to true passion, advice from a financial planner, or for tax benefits, this has become common practice once someone joins the ranks of the “rich and famous.” 

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10 Ways To Have LESS Regret and MORE Happiness

You are the master of your thoughts.  This means you control what thoughts goes in or out.

To make coffee, water is passed through the ground beans and filter.  

Filters are everywhere to help you to sift out the “junk” you don’t want in your life.

Filters aren’t just mesh nets to keep your coffee, air conditioning and floors clean; there are filters that keep your body running clean too.  Your kidneys, liver and lungs also act as filters. Think your life is tough when your coffee filter doesn’t work?  Imagining if your kidneys or lungs weren’t working properly will reinforce the importance of having a good filter working for you. 

Now that I hopefully have you a little more interested in filters, the filter I want to discuss is one you will never see.

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10 Powerful "Secrets" To Stop Aging Right Now!

You are not losing your strength because you have grown old. 

You have grown old because you are not using your strength.

This weekend I was in St. Augustine, Florida to present at our annual Training For Warriors Winter Conference.  If you know anything about U.S. history, then you might have heard that St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied European settlement which was founded in 1565.

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1 Simple Question to Tell If You're A Winner or Loser

Successful businesses consistently show a profit over time.

Successful people do the same thing.

At this time of year, businesses around the world (mine included) perform an important activity.  They take considerable time and pay particular attention to go over all the previous year’s income and expenses to determine whether that business had a successful year. 

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Are You Too Busy?

The outcome of your life will be determined by where, how and with whom you spend your “extra time.”

If you looked back at my life using time-lapse photography, you would find much of my time had been invested into sports.  Whether practicing, competing on the field, track, ice or mat, reading, studying, discussing and or coaching others, I have logged a lot of hours on the world of athletics. 

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