Stacy - Comeback from Cancer

Life hit Stacy hard in 2018 when she was diagnosed with colon cancer and a few weeks later lost her elderly mother.  “Although I kept my will to battle cancer, I became very depressed, overweight and unsure of how to regain self-control. I had a lot of fear.”

Stacy saw TFW Longmont’s Facebook ad nearly a dozen times before contacting, then meeting with a Coach.  “When I met with Kristy, she made me feel welcomed.  I was accepted, not judged.” Stacy began to show up consistently, take her nutrition seriously and realized she wasn’t alone on the journey she had begun: “Other Warriors at the Dojo are fighting their own battles; we all support and encourage each other.”

Stacy’s initial goals were to lose weight and strengthen her body…and HAS SHE EVER!!  Dropping 23 lbs of fat and 6% body fat (while gaining muscle!) during her 6 Week Nutrition Intensive, Stacy knows the first step was pushing past her fears… her fear of being judged, of not wanting to leave the house in leggings, of potentially being the only Warrior lifting a bar without any weight on it. 

“TFW Longmont has taught me to quit judging myself and that I can face my challenges head on…I’m running into the ROAR!”

Amanda - More Than A Gym

“I have always been athletic and enjoy challenging activities. The struggle for me is showing up. Typical gyms with weights and cardio machines are unappealing, intimidating and not results-driven. I’ve also tried many other programs over the years but always became bored with the repeated activity.

“TFW’s varied workouts provide me with results I’ve never experienced before. I always leave the dojo feeling refreshed and energized.

“TFW also encourages me to pay attention to my nutrition. I learn something valuable every week from the nutrition tips and now realize that it truly is a package deal and not just about the workout… however, the workouts are always fresh and fun with no intimidation factor!”

Amanda also expresses her appreciation for the unique culture that is part of TFW. “The philosophy that encompasses the dojo and those within it is evident every time I am there. It’s not just about the workout, but about supporting each other and challenging each other to do our best and be our best—to believe in ourselves, and to believe in each other."

Dom - Losing Excuses

“Strength training and weight lifting had always interested me, but I struggled to make fitness a part of my schedule. I always had an excuse why not to workout: it was easier to sit on the couch, watch tv and drink a beer after work. It was so much easier to make packaged dinners and eat fake foods. I knew my lifestyle wasn’t healthy and that my time wasn’t well spent.

“Through friends, my wife and I were introduced to TFW. But my excuses continued to surface: “How do we afford it?”, “Do we want to drive 3-4 times a week to the dojo?”, “What can we possibly do there that we can’t do at home?”

“My first class was an outdoor Hurricane and it was then that I realized that my previous workouts lacked TFW’s system and community. Coach Matt and fellow Warriors’ positive encouragement, as well as spending time working out with my wife, are just a few of the things that make TFW awesome. Losing weight and being healthier than I have been in years isn’t bad either!”

TFW often references this quote: “When I lost my excuses, I found my results.” Excuses keep us from achieving our desired results. Excuses are the enemy of progress.

Just ask Dom, lose your excuses...and you will find your results!

Garth – Consistency

“Before TFW, I had been successful in changing my diet and exercise to a certain extent and at times I had noticeable results in the form of weight loss and improved health. However, I struggled with consistency and long-term commitment… 20 stubborn pounds came and went 3 times! I wanted to be more physically active and I had no problems walking or running to help take weight off, but keeping it off was a struggle, especially in winter.

“A traditional gym membership only confirmed my self-consciousness: it exposed my lack of knowledge about exercising—such as what combination of cardio and weights is effective and how many reps and sets are healthy and safe. I was also intimidated by the ‘muscled guys’ and would shy away from free weights and the squat rack. “My TFW coach helped me learn proper technique for a wide variety of exercises and helped me build the confidence I need for continued success. Specifically, TFW coaches and the system help me maintain consistency and accountability: scheduling workouts on Warrior Tracker keeps me organized, consistent in my class attendance, and motivated to always push to the next level in weight, reps and time.

Another push to stay consistent was Garth’s fellow Warriors. “I was reluctant to enter a group workout situation filled with high fives and high energy. After an adjustment period I realized I enjoy being part of the supportive TFW Familia. Warriors always support and encourage one another to rise to the challenge. It was been extremely rewarding to see others lose fat, gain strength and build mental discipline.”

Garth sets a great example of what consistency and hard work produces. He is down 20 lbs, dropping over 7% body fat while being stronger than ever. He’s conquering Spartan races as if they were light jogs through the park