In the wake of so much fear for the health of ourselves and our loved ones, it’s important to remember basic strategies for boosting our immune systems.

Fortification of the immune systems starts with T-Cells. T-Cells are white blood cells that act as warriors who seek out and destroy cells that have become infected by pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.

Science-backed suggestions include the following to strengthen these warriors of the immune system:

Consume Water

Water flushes out toxins! Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.  Add some fresh lime or lemon slices if you need a little motivation to get plenty of H2O.

Eat Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Consume whole foods in every color of the rainbow.  This will ensure you receive vitamins and minerals necessary for strengthening your immune system.  Avoid even minimally processed foods.  They cause inflammation and inhibit our body’s ability to fight infection.

Absorb Vitamin D

Get outside for at least 10 minutes a day and let your skin soak in Vitamin D.  Be cautious of sunburn, of course, but let your body reap the anti-depressive benefits of direct sunlight and Vitamin D.

Schedule Exercise Each Week

Aerobic and Resistance Training are proven to ward off disease and depression. Schedule at least 3 workouts per week – and do something you enjoy!  Historically, we are meant to move, so find something that your body feels good doing and keep after it.

Sleep 7-9 Hours Every Night

Sleep restores our immune system, helps our muscles recuperate and refreshes the mind.  With too little sleep our immune system becomes weakened and unable to perform, thus letting in disease and toxins.


Weekly sex boosts immunity, but do we really need a scientific excuse for this one?!?

Meditate for Stress Relief

Breath control, expressing gratitude and finding focus are all part of meditation.  Excuse yourself for 5 minutes each day to quiet your mind and body.  This daily practice allows us to get out of “fight or flight” which ultimately allows our immune system a chance to restore.

Make it a Daily Routine

Put these strategies to good use in your daily routine – you will not only feel more empowered by taking control of your health, but your immune system will be stronger, too. 

Special thanks to Keith Jeffrey of Training For Warriors Rhode Island for his expert compilation of this information!