TFW for ages 12+ are programmatic classes that focus on sports conditioning, learning safe weight lifting techniques, speed and agility training, physical mechanics, nutrition for performance, and maximizing mobility.

AGES: 13-17
GENDER: Male & Female


Sports Strength & Conditioning

Improve athletic performance
Increase power & explosiveness
Create total-body muscle strength
Develop confidence in the gym environment
Learn sports nutrition
Reinforce positive self-image
Learn gym safety
Learn athletic injury prevention techniques
Create goal-setting strategies


STRENGTH - Learn proper form and how to safely heavy using barbells and other free weights. Develop confidence in the gym environment and muscle strength.

CONDITIONING - Interval-style training uses light weights or body weight and emphasizes agility and quickness. Vastly improve athletic performance!

FLEXIBILITY - Rest and recovery are necessary for optimal athletic performance. Students develop flexibility and respect for giving their bodies the opportunity to restore.